A Students Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards

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What this book doesn’t tell you about accounting standards you probably don’t need to know.

Clare Finch has produced a remarkable book, extremely well written and concise which brings to life in full colour the otherwise drab subject of accounting standards. A quick review shows why this book is an ESSENTIAL for all students sitting accountancy exams to international financial reporting standards.

From the moment you pick it up you can sense that this is something different from traditional books on the same subject.

Firstly, the colour coded pages group standards on a ‘need to know’ basis. So whether you are starting out (coloured orange), a more advanced student (green), interested in group accounts (blue) or looking for something seriously advanced (red) you can locate information easily.

Uniquely, each chapter starts with a background of the issues giving rise to the standard, a much better approach than starting with aims and objectives. Only once the scene has been set does the book ask “So.what’s it trying to achieve?”

The text is littered with coloured illustrations of memory devices and cloud diagrams to aid remembering the key points and the standard use of symbols throughout to highlight for example “Pitfalls” or “Key ‘Need to Learn’ Bits” ensures that important points are not missed. You even find out what ‘A REAL PUB’ and IAS 8 have in common!

Then, just when you though it couldn’t get any better, the back of the book includes full colour key cards which can be cut out and used for revision purposes or passed to a friend to test you.

So if you are studying accounting standards and wondering how you will cope, make sure you GET a copy of this book and keep it or the key cards close by. The clear unpretentious language will make you feel that you can really get on top of it.

You can obtain a copy direct from Kaplan Publishing (www.kaplanpublishing.co.uk) or with free postage from Amazon.co.uk

A Student’s Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards By Clare Finch Publisher: Kaplan Publishing UK Price: £25 ISBN: 978 1 84710 476 2


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