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Stephanie Frempong discusses her experience of the AAT Access qualification.

Name: Stephanie Frempong

Age: 22

Job title: Customer Service Assistant, M&S

Location: Essex

“I enrolled in a computer science degree at university after my A-Levels but when I wasn’t enjoying the course, I decided to leave and take a gap year. With tuition fees at an all-time high, I didn’t want to go back to university and increase my debt so I looked into my options and was surprised by what I found. I read about AAT Access and realised there was another way to pursue a career in accounting which had always been an interest of mine.

“AAT Access sounded like the perfect introduction to the world of finance which would let me study as and when it suited. I was able to pay for it myself and study at Barking and Dagenham College during my days when I wasn’t at work.

“I completed the course in 2012 and have since progressed onto the AAT Accounting Qualification and am currently at Level 3.

“Finding a job in today’s job market is tough and many people I know who have gone to university have struggled with this. While I am not yet working in an accounting role, I’m setting myself for a career that I know I’ll be able to pursue and enjoy and I’m also considering an apprenticeship as a way to get experience to enhance my studies.

“Based on my experience, I’d encourage others looking to work in a finance or accountancy to do AAT Access. For me, it was a valuable stepping stone that will help me get my foot on the career ladder. It also means that I’ll be debt free once I start earning a full-time wage – not many university graduates can say that.”

For more details on AAT Access please see either this article or visit the AAT website here.

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