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| February 12, 2013 | 0 Comments is a great tool for students and lecturers alike. It allows you to combine multiple links into one short link that you can quickly and easily share with your friends, colleagues, on your blog or any other website. It makes the process of sharing multiple links at once much easier, quicker and safer.

For example if you wanted to share a list of the following accountancy bodies:

you simply enter the details on the front page as follows:

There are options for a group name (in this case ‘UK Accountancy Bodies’), a group alias to replace the automatically generated URL and a password should you wish to protect your links from prying eyes.

After clicking submit the group is created and you are presented with the following screen:

At this point you can edit the group or simply share it using the provided links.

You can also add your own personalisation or branding to the toolbar. On the examples ‘Accountancy Students’ has been added and a link back to the site.

Sharing with a toolbar looks like this and is a great way to share your links. Try it for yourself

The alternative way to share the links is as a list. Try it for yourself allows you to :

  • Organise your links into one list
  • All your links can be edited at any time
  • You can add new links or delete old ones
  • You can protect your links with a password if you want
  • You may see how many ones have clicked on your links
  • You can have your own branding by attaching a slogan or link to your site
  • All your links are automatically shortened, so no fear of long links being broken.

Try it out today – it’s free!

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