Certified Accounting Technician – Past Papers

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Paper 1 Recording Financial Transactions

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the operational aspects of maintaining accounting records and procedures relating to invoicing, receipts and payments, recording income and expenditure, the preparation of ledger accounts and the preparation of an initial trial balance.”

Paper 2 Information and Management Control

Objectives – “To develop the ability to use a computer system safely and effectively and to understand the need for data and information to be kept confidential and secure. To develop knowledge and an understanding of how organisations provide basic management information for decision-making, planning and control.”

Paper 3 Maintaining Financial Records

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the techniques used to maintain accounting records and prepare final accounts of unincorporated entities.”

Paper 4 Accounting for Costs

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of how organisations record, analyse and report current and future costs and revenue data for use within the organisation.”

Paper 5 Managing People and Systems

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the role of a manager in an effective, efficient, safe and secure accounting environment. This includes the coordination of work activities, the maintenance of an effective accounting system, people management, personal effectiveness, health and safety and security issues within the workplace.”

Paper 6 Drafting Financial Statements

Objectives – “To understand and apply the techniques used to prepare year-end financial statements of partnerships and limited companies which comply with legislation and accounting standards, and to interpret financial statements and the relationships between their elements using ratio analysis.”

Paper 7 Planning – Control and Performance Management

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the application of management accounting techniques to support the management processes of planning, decision-making, control and performance measurement.”

Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedures

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the audit process from the planning stage through to the reporting stage and the techniques used in the conduct of internal and external audits.”

Paper 9 Preparing Taxation Computations Objectives – “To develop the ability to prepare computations of tax liability for both individuals and businesses resident in the UK for the purposes of income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and value added tax. In addition, to develop knowledge and understanding of the manner in which dealings must be conducted with HM Revenue and Customs, including knowledge of the statutory timescales for the submission of claims and returns and the due dates for the payment of tax liabilities.”

Paper 10 Managing Finances

Objectives – “To develop knowledge and understanding of the way organisations finance their operations, plan and control cash flows, optimise their use of working capital and allocate resources to capital expenditure projects.”

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