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The combination of top international tutors, purpose designed training locations and leading learning materials make up the unique ExP experience.

ExP focus on what is best for their students and clients. Their expert tutors read and assess all the learning materials available in the global market for each professional qualification they provide courses for. They do this for every teaching season and then choose the best on the market and approve those materials as “ExP approved quality”.

Unlike most tuition companies, ExP are not tied to having to use one particular publisher for their professional qualification courses. This means that they are free to select the best available materials for you.

ExP provide a range of free resources that will maximise your chances of success in your exam.

The following material is from the free ACCA P3 ExP virtual classroom course.

ACCA P3 – Business Analysis

To accompany your free ACCA P3 ExP virtual classroom course you can also download your free ACCA P3 course notes.

ACCA P3 videos

1 An overview of P3 2 Strategic models
3 PESTEL analysis
4 Porter’s Diamond
5 Porter’s 5 forces
6 The product life cycle
7 Strategic groups 8 Market segmentation and the marketing mix
10 Porter’s value chain
11 SWOT analysis
12 TOWS analysis.
13 Threshold and core competencies
14 Stakeholder mapping
15 Example on Mendelow’s Matrix
16 Cultural web
17 Parenting style
18 BCG Matrix
19 GE Matrix
20 Porter’s generic stragegies
21 Bowman’s strategy clock
22 Ansoff’s Matrix
23 Ansoff’s Matrix (Continued)
24 Methods of expansion
25 Strategic action and the change kaleidoscope
26 Lewin’s iceberg theory
27 Lewin’s force field analysis
28 Business process redesign
29 Summary of chapter 6
30 IT, B2B and B2C
31 Stages of eBusiness
32 McFarlan’s grid
33 Push and pull supply chains
34 E-marketing and the 6I’s
35 CRM
36 Quality – TQM
37 V lifecycle model
38 6-sigma
39 Project management
40 Financial analysis
41 Evaluation of strategies
42 Ratios and leadership

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